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Alternatively, the home system 1260 may contain an internal wireless modem 2805, which receives the signal and provides the electronic book data to the home system 1260 modular connector 700 for processing.
2, 1993 now.S.
For example, the web site 279 may welcome a subscriber to the web site 279, based on the information in the cookie, and may navigate the subscriber to a menu, or individualized menu, based on previous orders provided by the subscriber.
This signal may provide for ordering access from the home system 1310 to the billing and collection system 278 or operations center 250, or the signal may be a means to provide access to the Internet or other public network through which electronic books are.The power circuitry 610, 640 will recharge the battery using AC power when in operation.The embodiments presented below use a modular encoder 2541, which inserts the electronic book text into the delivered signal and modular transmission subsystem 2542, which transmits the actual signal.The received data includes information regarding electronic books and menus available for selection.Alternatively, the viewer 266 may generate a custom electronic catalog by querying the user to determine the user's preferences, for example, and retrieve products and services based upon those preferences.Various memory devices available on the market may be used such as, ROM, RAM or a small hard disk.The selection buttons for the cursor 745 may be located below the middle diameter of the cursor ball 743 on the right and left sides of the ball as shown.
The set top terminal 1220 has input and output ports for communication with other local and remote devices.
(2) Digital circuitry that includes a secure microprocessor 621, instruction memory 732, and digital logic.
42 is a flow chart of a method 3680 for providing a user with a sample concerning a product or service.
Alternatively, the home system 1290 may contain an internal modem or DTE 3013, which receives one or more signal types and provides the received signal with embedded electronic book data to the home system 1290 modular connector 700 for processing.Users can view information about products and services, electronically purchase them, and electronically download digital products.The Internet web site 279 may then present an individualized menu to the subscriber.Orders placed after 6pm ET will be deemed to be submitted the next business day.The book-on-demand system allows for a greater selection of electronic books to the subscriber and limits the amount of communicated book data that is unnecessary or unneeded.Data is compiled periodically and publishers 282 are credited for sales of their books or other text.21 a, the home system 258 is coupled gamma 21 procent korting to a digital set top terminal 1220.After selecting a book the library 262 then sends a request signal on the two-way communication system 1044 back to the distribution point 1020.The process then moves to step S 694 and the digital logic section 609 stores the message in an appropriate electronic message file.Electronic book previews were previously described with respect to figs.In the embodiment where the pstn is used to provide access, the modular connector 701 includes the phone connector 270 and the modem 611 as depicted in FIG.In step S 844, the microprocessor 621 closes all the electronic files and signals the power circuitry to shut down the power to the various circuits in the viewer 266.36 is a schematic illustrating a viewer 266 with a screen 3520 having sections providing for electronic commerce.