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Receipt voucher meaning

Check no 546845 received Rs 1000 on account of Commission.
The journal entry is Journal Date Particulars Ledger Folio( LF ) Debit Amount Credit Amount 1/9/200.00 To ; Asia Pacific 15000 (Cash received from Asia Pacific towards the settlement of bill) Debit -cash because cash korting op wegenbelasting is coming in to the business (debit what comes in) Credit.No you are in By field, this means the debit of a transaction, Here Sbi A/c No lect the account and enter korting boeken administratie the amount.In such cases we issue a printed receipt as an acknowledgment of money receipt.Change the date by pressing F2 or using date button In the voucher entry screen you can see To This means the credit aspects of e credit should be entered here Here Ambuja Cements.The second transaction is a cash receipt from debtor.Read this: How to enter contra entry in tally erp.Description of goods or services, amount of advance taken, rate of tax ( central tax, State tax, integrated tax, Union territory tax or cess).
Type the amount of receipt here it is 100000 Enter narration in the narration field.
Old neighbours with access to the biggest names in retail; bruna cadeaukaart ebook Alistair.
In tally receipt voucher single entry mode the debit should be always on top just after Account Field Here cash is the debit aspect ; press enter to move on to the next filed, Particulars select Rajeevs capital which is the credit aspects.
As advance is received.
Note: A supplier of goods is not required to pay GST on advances.
An advance of Rs 10 lakh is given by B.
Press enter key enter the credit amount in credit fields.Cash received from Asia pacific Rs 15000.00.Recommended reading : How to enter a voucher in tally erp.Use Single entry mode for payment/receipt/contra vouchers: No The Voucher double entry receipt voucher screen will look like below image, there is a slight change in the screen.We use receipt when someone pay us a certain some of money towards the consideration of sale, service or any other repayment Payments like loan,advances etc.Whether the tax is payable on reverse charge basis.