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Maar het allerleukste vind ik de lounge.
The nice thing about the colour cards in this book korting binnenlandse vluchten garuda is that they can be taken out.
Now again back to the proceedings of your agency.It is always structured criticism and not personal.To translate a trend into a salable product, that is what I am good.That is different for a designer.I visit korte mop auto about 15 different fairs and design events a year.
Less is more is hier van toepassing.
There has been a large Punk and Couture exhibition in New York recently.
Soft Colourful Trend Mood Board Interior 2014/2015 Milou Ket Continueing browsing through the book: In the interior fluo colours applied to large fields are a bit too much, but they are very suitable for accessories and for smaller areas.
And the interest in natural materials and nature in general.Less Consumerism: een stroming waarin we minder gaan kopen, maar ook rigoureus thuis gaan opruimen en alleen behouden wat we echt nodig hebben, we geven zo min mogelijk geld uit en verzetten ons tegen de kapitalistische, consumerende maatschappij, ook kun je makkelijker met Less,.These images have copyright, but they may be shared by mentioning Milou Ket and a link to this interview.Scroll naar beneden voor NL, hello 2015!Tactiliteit, textuur, textiel zijn opvallende elementen in haar designs.Continuing browsing: I look at trend images with feathers, glass bells, nests, shades of beige, bamboo, paper, light wood, Zen influences, recycled wood, felt, special materials, stone veneer, degraded materials: very inspiring.It looks like a kind of candy box with an illustrated excerpt with the themes from the large interior book.The book is still very up to date.Where can we encounter you in the future?And also thanks for the beautiful images.Click here read beyond for more inspiration and a sneak preview for the Interior Trends for 2014/2015!Then sign up for the ( mostly Dutch) newsletter at the top and the bottom of this site!Iris - / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /.

link with love, Iris.
I have given a lecture shortly ago about design hotels in Asia, and in China there are very interested in these developments.